"Reaching your goals is about asking yourself the right Questions.

It's about committing to the challanges but in the meantime finding the relaxation required to solve the complex problems without losing clarity and confidence.

The 'moment' you achieve is the moment you 'let go'.

Vincent Corver


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Zurich, Switzerland  

Oetwil am See, Wetzikon Zollikerberg, Switzerland

Oetwil, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Milano, Italy

Oetwil, Switzerland

Volketswil, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Maur, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Arosa, Switzerland

St. Moritz, Switzerland

London, UK

Geroldswil, Switzerland

Vilamoura, Portugal



Charlie Warsaw

Złota 44

Mäx Club Zurich

Oase, Oetwil

Spital Zollikerberg

Oase, Oetwil and Wetzikon

Härterei, Zurich

PAC Museum

Oase, Oetwil am See

Hug Baustoffe Volketswil

Konzertsaal Tonhalle Maag

Konzertsaal Tonhalle Maag

Gallery Hauser & Wirth

Stahlau 1

Riverside Studios

Resort Saas Fee

Maur Tennis Court Opening

Mönchaltorf Kirche

Arosa Kirche

Kempinski, Hotel des Baines

The Barbican/LSO St. Luke's

Geroldswil, Zurich

Vilamoura World


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Dec 10th 2016

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Public Piano Performance with Electronics

VIP Classic Piano Live Film Concert for Chopin Timepieces

PianoDJ VIP Opening Performance

Concert Own Works with Live Film

Selection of own works

"Frühlingsgefühle" with Flutist Claudia von Wartburg

Performance with Paul van Dyk

Performance for the Solo exhibition of Anna-Maria Maiolino

The Snowman (Live Film Concert)

"Salut D'Amour" with Flutist Claudia von Wartburg

Dîner Musical 2018 for Tonhalle Patrons with Soloists

World Premiere of new work for "More Than Classic"

World Premiere piece dedicated to Anna-Maria Maiolino

Paul van Dyk CD Launch (While You Were Gone)

Film Score Live Performance for Native Instruments

Selection of own works

Selection of own works

Improvisation Performance

Mozart Variations, 4-hands w/Pianist Michel Dalberto

Charity Concert, Official Opening - Own Works

UK Premiere,  Steve Reich - Piano Counterpoint with LSO

Private Performance

Private VVIP Concert

(Incomplete List)

Cinematic Live, a new concert program by Vincent Corver