“My Art is about ‘Redefining Piano Music’

My Goal is simple: ‘Making a Difference’

Keep inspired, and keep inspiring those around you.”

Vincent Corver

(Grammy Nominated Concert Pianist)




Grammy Nominated Concert Pianist

Film & Main-Stream Productions

Writer, Lecturer & Teacher


V I N C E N T   C O R V E R   M U S I C

Latest News (January 2017):

* Vincent Corver - "Dancing Blue" performance video 2nd official feature by Native Instruments Ltd.

* Over 37K Followers on Instagram! Thank you!

* Article "A Knock On The Door" receives official publication in the ECHA Magazine (European Council of High Ability)

* Upcoming Concert in Arosa, Switzerland, 4-hands with Concert Pianist Michel Dalberto - January 25th 2017